Need Technical Information About our Gross Weight Increase for Cessna Citation I and II?

You can find technical documentation here.

Order Forms

To order a kit to increase the payload of your aircraft, you will need to complete a New flight order form. Note: These order forms require the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

**To download the form, right-click and "Save As" to your computer. This is a dynamic form so entries can be typed in. It does not work that way when viewed in a browser.

Gross Weight Increase Kit Order Forms

Form 500-01, Citation I & I/SP (Models 500/501)

Form 550-01, Citation II (Models 550) – Full Kit
Form 550-02, Citation II (Model 550) – Short Kit: Without HD wheels/brakes

Overhauled Wheel and Brake Order Forms

Form 900-01, Cleveland Wheel Order Form
Form 900-02, Cleveland Brake Order Form


1. Choose the appropriate order form.
2. Either print and complete the the form or fill in the required fields in the interactive .pdf and press "submit" which will e-mail the form.
3. Enclose a check or money order and mail the form. (The address is on the form)
4. Wire transfer the money and fax or e-mail the .pdf order form.