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New Flight Corporation
3241 South Locust Street
Denver, Colorado 80222 USA

Telephone: 303-691-0200
Facsimile: 303-691-1121

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New Flight History

The Gross Weight Increase STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates) now offered by New Flight Corporation were developed by Branson Aircraft Corporation. Since its founding in 1966, Branson has introduced several breakthrough aviation products. The research and development required to obtain this certification took years to complete. The original gross weight increase STC was issued in 1975. The aircraft modifications have been installed on planes that currently operate in countries all over the world.

All New Flight products have been rigorously tested and are fully FAA approved. You can expect the Branson tradition of performance to continue. Customers will receive the same high quality products, technical support and industry expertise on which they have relied for three decades.

New Flight Management

The management team of New Flight Corporation is comprised of aviation veterans with expertise in all facets of the aircraft industry. John Haworth, VP/Operations, is an integral part of this team. Mr. Haworth has held a wide range of positions during his 28 years in the aviation industry, including 13 years as Director of Engineering for Branson Aircraft.

In that capacity, Haworth was responsible for managing the design, engineering and manufacture of complex systems that are used to transport critically ill patients in jet aircraft. This design incorporated the first use of liquid oxygen in a commercial airplane. He directed the development of supplemental fuel tanks for long range flights of the Learjet Model 55, Mitsubishi Diamond IA and the Beechcraft Model 400 jets. He has coordinated the STC approval process with FAA Aircraft Certification Offices for both Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft. Haworth holds a Designated Engineering Representative (DER) certificate for Powerplant, Systems and Equipment.

Haworth has supervised the production and installation of numerous aircraft modifications, including cargo doors, camera windows, high density passenger seating and gross weight increases. In addition to operating his own charter air taxi business, he has handled both the marketing and management duties for three successful aviation businesses.

An Airline Transport Pilot, with type ratings LR-JET, BE-400, MU-300 and CE-500, Haworth is a Certified Flight Instructor, Airplane, Single and Multiengine, Instruments, and has over 5,500 hours of total flight time to his credit. Haworth holds a BSEE degree from the University of Minnesota, a BA degree from Earlham College. He obtained his type ratings from FlightSafety International.

John Haworth - New Flight Corporation