Reduce Down-time

Our Overhauled Brake Assemblies Reduce Expensive Down-Time

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Wheel Overhaul

Cleveland Aircraft Wheel Assemblies

Has your aircraft seen a lot of service?

Overhauled, warranty brakes are a smart way to deal with the eventuality of wheel replacement.

You can expect your wheel assemblies to be approaching the end of their useful life if the aircraft you're operating has many landings on it. The Cleveland Component Maintenance manual requires a complete overhaul including a dye penetrant procedure every 500 landings.

Are yours coming due?

Historically, you have to choose the lesser of two evils:

Both of these methods incur one major problem: down-time. If your aircraft is a valuable business asset, downtime can be a very expensive cost.

Now there is a better way: purchase an overhauled wheel assembly from New Flight Corporation, and exchange it with your worn out wheel. You will also be receiving the latest product improvements at no additional cost.

Shipped from our stock within twenty four hours of ordering, New Flight wheel assemblies have been overhauled by the wheel manufacturer, Cleveland Wheel and Brake Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation. Every overhauled wheel comes with a full factory warranty and all required FAA airworthiness approval tags, giving you confidence and peace-of-mind.

Give us a call today at 303-691-0200 and we'll help you review your wheel replacement options and plan a cost effective replacement schedule.

New Flight Part Number: 90C897-001
Cleveland Part Number: 040-23901 (formerly: 40-239A)